Amazon Prime Day Is Coming:What deals Can You Expect Jessup?

Jul 10, 2018 MORGAN
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Amazon's prime membership has exceeded 100 million in the world. As the world's largest online shopping platform, Amazon officially launched "prime day" in 2015, requiring sellers to conduct centralized promotions on member days. Consumers must have prime membership. Amazon is mainly promoting in its country through TV stations, radio stations, outdoor advertising, and the Internet.

On that day, prime members can purchase theproducts they want with the biggest discount.So what can you expect from thisyear's deal-a-thon? We're here to tell you something you need to know aboutit and provide Jessup discount information.

What is Amazon prime day?

In 2015, Amazon presented a one-day PrimeDay promotion to commemorate its 20th anniversary, creating a Christmas feelingin July, aiming to provide consumers with discounts and discounts comparable toBlack Five, thus driving Amazon’s sales.

Amazon runs Prime Day primarily to drive up its Prime membership count because it knows it makes a substantial profit from every Prime member despite the fantastic value for money you get from it.

Amazon Prime is a customer loyalty system implemented by Amazon. The fee schedule for US and Asia is $119 per year or $12.99 per month and $59/year for an annual Prime Student membership, monthly and Prime Students members need to pay $6.49 per month.

As an Amazon member, an important privilege that customers can enjoy free shipping within any amount of shopping,two-day delivery service etc.

If you're not a member yet,there's a free 30-day trail available.You can try the 30-day membership right for free. Then with a 30-day trial period, you can experience the exclusive privileges of the prime members: two days in the United States, no need to pay for the order, free to join the family plan, get the baby registry discount, get the wedding registry discount, advance access Flash purchase, unlimited movie viewing, Kindle free download, free photo storage, exclusive specials etc. After enjoying the free membership privileges, if you do not want to pay for membership, remember to cancel it in August.

When is it?

Amazon has confirmed that Prime Day 2018will start at 3 pm ET on Monday, July 16, and extend through all of July 17, at36 hours. It'll be six hours longer than last year and the longest Prime Day onrecord. "Whole Foods Market joins the celebration this year with Prime Daydeals and offers at all U.S. stores. New this year, members can shop Prime DayLaunches – exclusive new items, content and special-edition products fromhundreds of well-known and emerging brands."Jeff Wilke, Amazon CEOWorldwide Consumer said.

So you can enjoy more benefits this year.You can write a shopping list in advance and then purchase the items on the list on that day. It is worth noting that please consume moderately, otherwise you will have nothing but poverty.

Amazon prime day 2018:the deals to expect

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